What’s This All About?

Pursue Your DreamHey thanks for over 100 Facebook likes in the last day! I wanted to take a moment and explain a little further what my intent is with this page. It may not be for everyone, and no hard feelings if you decide to unlike you son of a bitch.

Ok. So. I get asked a lot about the logistics of my weirdo life. For the most part, I’ve managed to live as a full time artist since 2008ish. How is that even possible? That’s mostly what I’ll be talking about here.

Why would I even bother with this? 2 reasons. I like inspiring people to do things they might be a little afraid to do. Also, putting energy into this and writing about it regularly keeps me on track with my own goals. Accountable in a way.

I need that accountability because I’m going to try and really take things up a notch in my own career in the next couple years. It won’t be easy and I need to stay on track.

I had a moment where I almost quit last year. I was turning 40, coming out of a weird break up (and losing a huge circle of friends… like you do) and house sitting for a crazy cat lady on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I was questioning a lot of my life choices.

Toying with the idea of throwing in the towel and getting a “real life” I took a job at a music school in Atlanta. To keep the story short, basically I snapped out of it, realized I was making a huge life mistake and rose from the ashes.

Let’s call the made for TV movie “How Kevin Got His Groove Back.”

This spring I hit the road again. I’m doing a few Fringe Festivals then in the fall I’m working on a new album. Then in 2015 I’m going to attempt the largest US tour i’ve ever done. That’s the big thing I need to keep myself accountable for.

Here on this blog I will talk openly about the practical logistics of pursuing the artist life, the struggle and hopefully lots of things to inspire you to pursue whatever your dream is as well.

Blaze Your Own Path

by Kevin Thornton

60757_532188906807361_964284497_nSo you want to quit your job and live out your dreams, eh? What are you crazy? Fantastic. We’re off to a great start.

While  clear-cut “10 step” advice might be immediately satisfying, it probably won’t help your career that much.  I will never bullshit you. That’s where I think a lot of these types of blogs and books go wrong. There are so many moments when you simply must struggle with the answer and develop what is exactly right for you!

I hope to present my thoughts and ideas that lead to my success in a way that is useful to you. And to me that means not in a step-by-step format for you to copy. That doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. Continue reading


You Can Do This

By Kevin Smith

I took this off filmmaker Kevin Smith’s (Clerks, Chasing Amy) twitter feed. Great advice.

“Sometimes, you gotta believe FOR everybody else – and sometimes, you do it by yourself for a long time. Then, if you’re lucky, someone like @TheJonGordon starts believing with you – first theoretically, then in practice. And two people believing is the start of a congregation. You build a congregation of believers and you try to build a cathedral. Sometimes, it’s just a church. Sometimes, it’s a chapel. Continue reading